Watch out boys

The other day the boys were giving Nora a hard time.
"No girls allowed in our room!!"
I walked in to do some mediating.
"Boys- how would you feel if you were the one left out??"
They just looked at me.

It was Nora's turn.
She stood completely unruffled.
With hands on her hips, she calmly said,
"When you're mean, you give Satan power."

Whoa. Take that.

We high-fived, Nora and I, and then looked at the boys like this:

Because we knew we had won.

They back-tracked: "Well, uh, maybe only girls that are twins can play in our room."
Shoot- I guess that counts me out.
But at least Nora could stay.

A word of advice:
Don't pick a fight with my Nora.
She is not afraid of you.
And you will lose.

P.S. Dear blog- Hey, remember me? I'm the one who's been neglecting you. You see- I needed some time away from you to refocus and reprioritize. There were moments that I thought about abandoning you altogether. But in the end I decided you were worth it. It turns out that I miss documenting the cute things my kids do. And I want family and close friends to know what's going on with us in Boise. Oh yes (yes!)- we moved to Boise. I should tell you about it sometime. Just as soon as I get the last year's worth of pictures organized. Ta ta for now. I'll (try to) write again soon.