What can YOU buy for $23?

This weekend I was able to answer that question like this:

  • Top Sirloin Fajita Strips, ~1 lb
  • 4 Chicken Drumsticks
  • Sirloin Pork Roast, ~2 lbs
  • Lean Ground Beef, ~1 lb
  • 2-lbs Whole Carrots
  • 5 Fuji Apples
  • 5 Oranges
  • 1 Romaine Lettuce
  • 3 Red Bell Peppers
  • 2 Avocados
  • 5 Pears
  • 5 Tomatoes
  • 1 Stone Ground's Artisan Wheat Loaf
  • 16 oz. Rice

All for only $23. Deals this good make me a little light-headed.

It is all possible through The Community Food Co-op of Utah. (A big thanks to my friend Marie, queen of the co-ops, for introducing me to this program!)

Interested? Basics of the program:

  • You place and pick up your order once/month.
  • You are required to do 2 hours of volunteer service for each month that you place an order. But it can include things like: church service, volunteering at your child's school...basically anything!
  • The "standard share" costs ~$23. (That's what I got.) Each month the standard share is different but always includes at least 4 meats, 5 veggies, 3 fruits, grains. You also have the option to add things to your order. (Or for you vegetarians you can get the "harvest share" which includes everything but the meat.) You'll have to look at the website for all the details.

Nate patiently waited while I set everything out on the counter to take a picture, and then promptly proceeded to make himself this beauty with all the fixins:

Secret ingredient: sweet peppers (Thanks Angie for that tip!)



The conversation I overheard while the girls were sitting at the table coloring...

Tess: Nora, do you love Mom?

Nora (half-heartedly): Ya.

Tess: Do you love Dad?

Nora (very exuberantly): YES! I LOVE DAD!...But I don't want to marry him...he's too tall!

Now why didn't I think of that logic?

In other news...Nora is preparing for her debut performance at Carnegie Hall. We will let you know when that will take place. (I love the running commentary on her song, especially the "that's a weird song" part...)

I often wonder if these things that I post about my children will embarrass them in the years to come. Nora- in my defense- you are sitting right here on my lap, loving the video ("Again Mom, again!"), and have agreed that we need to show it to our family and friends.

More sprinkles please!

Cute little Miss Tate (our niece) turned 2 this week.

Oh we love our Taters! And not just because she let us open all the presents for her (again, sorry about that), but because she's beyond adorable. What a personality! She says the cutest things. And she just happens to have a little crush on Nate... who unfortunately got called away from the party because one of his patients died. (a 5 month old...I know...don't even think about it.) Anyways, we still had fun because there were SPRINKLES. And we LOVE sprinkles.
(Notice the 3 already empty shaker bottles...yes, there is a cookie under there somewhere)


Thanks for a fun party Wy and Chels. Happy Birthday Tate!



We went sledding with Nate's family. A big thanks to Gma Conna for hosting and Steph and Bracken for carting us around on the snowmobiles.

It was all going well until Tess "broke her arm" which she played up in a truly Oscar-worthy performance. (In her defense, I think she really did hurt it because she is still complaining about it 5 days later.)

me: I'm sorry you broke your arm Tess.

Tess: Thanks Mom. I'm sorry you broke your bum.

True story. I slammed (and I mean slammed) into a mound of ice. I have a big, black bruise. I wish I could post a picture. But that might be a little obscene.