This is not the place.

The Meekers are moving...

Because Nate found a really incredible job
Only a short 5 hour drive from SLC
Into the "City of Tress"
Skiing, Boating, Canoeing, Fly fishing
Everyone come visit!

Have you ever met anyone from Boise that didn't just love it there?
Well, we haven't.
People love their Boise.
It seems like a pretty great place.
We'll let you know when we get there this summer.

The Boise River runs right through the heart of the city.
The Greenbelt (20 miles of paved pathway for walking/biking) runs alongside the river.

My conversation with Tess about the move (a month before the final decision was made)...

Tess: Mom, I heard you talking on the phone about us moving.

Me: Yes, we might move. How do you feel about that?

Tess: I think it sounds awesome!!!!! I told Grace that she could come play at our new house.

Me: Well, that's the thing. We might be moving pretty far away.

Tess: Like downtown??!!

Me: No, farther. Like out of the state of Utah.

Tess: I've always wanted to live in Texas!

Me: Well, it wouldn't be Texas. It would be a place called Boise, Idaho. It's near Sun Valley.

Tess: OMGosh!! I love Sun Valley!!

Me: Okay, but you realize that moving to Boise won't quite be like vacationing in Sun Valley. We would have to do all of our regular things like school, lessons, chores.

Tess: (rolling her eyes) Duh mom. I know that.

Me: And it means that we won't be able to go to grandma and grandpa's for Sunday dinner each week.
Tess: (The first hint of sadness)... Well, at least we won't get their hot tub dirty anymore.

Me: So it still sounds pretty fun?

Tess: It sounds awesome!!.....Can I have an upstairs bedroom in our next house??

So there you have it. Even the most cautious among us is ready for the adventure!

Well folks, I guess I'm off to Idaho to raise my family.
(Truly, truly never thought I would hear myself say those words.)
But we are (very!) excited nonetheless.


Just a tad out of my comfort zone.

Did you all get your flier for BYU Women's Conference in the mail this week?
Well, I got mine.
And I must admit, I almost had a heart attack when I opened it up and saw my name in print.

I guess it's officially official.
I will be speaking at Women's Conference.
I've known about this since the end of December.
But I've been living in denial.
I've felt quite certain all along that I would get a phone call taking it all back.
"I'm sorry...we had you confused with another Erin H. Meeker."
"It's come to our attention that you're total crap and that just won't do."
But now my name's in print.
So I guess this is on.

How did I get involved in this??
Good question.
Obviously, it's because of my awesome spiritualness.
Okay, okay. It's because I happen to have a good friend on the planning committee.
(Love you Amy.)
A friend that has never heard me speak, I might add.

When I got the letter back in Dec saying that I had been "invited" to speak at WC,
I burst into tears.
Then I read my topic: "Urgent Demands and Deep Breaths: Managing Stress"
And I threw the letter on the ground.
Clearly I know a lot about managing stress.

So ladies, please come to Women's Conference.
It is going to be completely incredible.
But for heaven's sake, don't come to my session.
Because I'm a total sham.
(Although my co-presenter seems quite lovely.)

P.S.- Amy- I promise I will do my very best.
P.P.S.- And don't worry - I won't use the word "crap" in my talk.
P.P.P.S.- And everyone- if you have any thoughts on managing stress...send them my way.