Auggie. Our doggie.

Christmas morning was fun.
And maybe a little anti-climatic.
(Perhaps we had built up the dog excitement in our minds just a tad.)
The girls' reactions were pretty priceless.
The boys couldn't have cared less.

Just so we're clear...wrapped presents trump dog.

Following this video excerpt it took the kids about 20 minutes
to figure out how to get Auggie out of his crate.
While I fretted over running out of video tape.
Will didn't even notice that we got a dog until all his presents were unwrapped.

Nora's reaction was perhaps best:
"This is the best day of my entire life!"
"Now I don't ever need to be sad again because we have a DOG!"
"Mom, I love our dog so much. I love him, I love him....what's his name again?"


Davey Baby turns 5!

2 weeks:
8 months:

5 years:
He woke to find a fancy castle and knight set.

Then spent the day at his favorite place, Chuck E Cheese...

Things I never want to forget about 5 year old David:
  • I've been told on several occasions that David is "the coolest kid ever." He makes everyone laugh.
  • He's such a pleasant child. Until he's hungry. And then watch out.
  • The other day at Hires he was upset because we didn't order him a hot dog and a cheeseburger. We finally did and he ate both plus french fries plus part of a root beer float. The kid can pound it.
  • He's a very selfless child. He always lets Will have the first turn.
  • When he grows up he wants to be "an astronaut...no a hang glider...no a fireman." No doubt there will be adrenalin involved.
  • Preschool story that is sooo David: His teacher, Grandma Raynee, asked him to do an assignment that he didn't want to do. (Not unusual.) He turned to a friend and said, "The witch is making me color this." Raynee responded, "Oh David, it hurts my feelings when you call me a witch." Then he turned on the charm (with an innocent smile and big blue eyes)..."But Grandma Raynee, some witches are good witches."
  • He changes his clothes no less than 3 times/day.
  • He's very independent. He seldom asks for help with anything.

Love you Davey Baby!!!!



Is it possible to die from excitement?

Because that may just happen at the Meeker home Christmas morning when the kidlets wake to find this under the tree:

Chocolate Labradoodle.
Totally, totally delicious.

I think I may die of excitement just anticipating their excitement.
How many more days til Christmas?

Christmas as it Should Be

Anyone else dread this time of year? Am I the only scrooge out there?

Of course there are many things that I love about the holidays. Of course there are. But all the hustle and bustle sure wears me out.

Well, I was having one of those mornings. There were a million things running through my mind...projects to do, things to buy, parties to attend, blah, blah, blah. I was grouchy. Then I walked into the living and found this:

This is the kids' nativity set. They can move the pieces whenever they want. And it just so happens that on this morning they were arranged with Jesus in the center and all the other people/creatures circling him. Focusing on him. The wise men had fallen down to worship him.
And it gave me pause. Okay, maybe I was focusing on the wrong things. Isn't this what the season is really about? Oh come let us adore HIM.
I must remember.