one five

I love this shot of Nathan. I'm pretty sure that if I had just taken it from a different angle, we could have seen some pretty sweet crack action.

His name is Nathan.
Most people call him Nate.
At work, he's known as "Dr. McDreamy." (That is a true story.)
What do I call him?
With an h.
Because I believe that every person should have a name for their love that only they get to use.

Nathe calls me "Er."
As in "air."
As in "you are the very air [Er] I breathe."
He's so romantic, that Nathe.

At a luau in 99.

When I was little I had this grand idea of what it would be like when I first met my future husband.
We would see each other from across the room and then...
Everything would freeze.
The orchestra would start playing.
And we'd gaze knowingly, longingly into each other's eyes.

I'm happy to report that that's exactly the way it happened.
At least for me.
Nate didn't really even notice me. (Even though we were paired as dance partners 2 min later.)
He certainly wasn't interested.
He was a 26 year old Phd student.
I was an 18 year old wide-eyed Freshman.
He thought I looked 13. (He was right.)
I thought he looked perfect: tan skin, dark hair, blue eyes
He preferred brunettes, and I was blond.
Thank goodness fate forced us together for a 6-week tour to China so that he could come to realize how smart, spiritual and ultra-deep I am.

Horseback riding in 2000

The way Nate tells it, I tricked him into marrying me.
Apparently, I booked the temple/reception center and gave him a deadline for proposing.
That may or may not have happened.
(Hey, I know how to get what I want.)

Feb 16, 1996
"The waist lines have grown a few inches (unfortunately) and Nate's hair has shrunk a few inches (thankfully).

Dear Nathe,
I think you are really handsome.
And the most amazing father to our children.
And you're great at fixing things (which is really handy).
And you're pretty much the most intelligent person I've ever met.
Basically, you're my favorite.
Happy 15th.
Let's make it eternity.
I love you,
your Er (air)


Loud and Proud

Behold the cuteness of my children.
Normally I'm not a huge fan of the school pictures.
This year, they were stinkin cute.

My children have forgotten how to speak.
At least at normal decibels.
They prefer to shout everything.
Just to be sure they are heard.

A recent conversation on the way to school:

Will: Mom, is Santa real?

Me: What do you think?

Will: Yep, definitely real. I saw him once! Mom, why did God make reindeer fly?

Me: Why do you think?

Will: So that they could pull Santa's sleigh. Mom, why did God make Rudolph's nose red?

Me: Why do you think? (Sensing a pattern?...my little tactic for answering questions that I don't want to answer directly. This way the kiddos can never claim that I outwardly lied to them. That's good parenting right there.)

Will: Mom, it's so that he can light the way for Santa's sleigh! You didn't even know that!

(Silly me.)

David: Ahhhh, there's a kidnapper!!

Me: David, I'm pretty sure that's just a normal man walking down the street in a hoodie.

David: Nope Mom, he's definitely a robber or a boogalar.

Me: Or... he's just a nice man that's cold and put on his hood. But you bring up a good point. You never know who the bad guys are, so you always have to be careful.

David: Nope Mom, I can tell, that's for sure a boogalar!

Nora: (singing at the top of her lungs in full vibrato)...Last Christmas I gave you my heart, but the very next day, you gave it away. This year... (stopping suddenly) Mom, don't you just love that song??

Me: Well, it's quite possibly the stupidest Christmas song ever written...but when you sing it Nora, it's pure magic.

Nora: I know! It's so beautiful!!

Me: It's like a dream come true.

Nora: This year to save me from tears, I'll give it to someone special, special...Last Christmas I gave you my heart...

David: Do you think that boogalar is going to our apartment??

Will: He better not take the Wii or I will be SO mad!

At this point I'm thinking that I may literally be going deaf in my right ear. For the love, can we just get to school already so that I can have my 2.75 hours of quiet time??

Me: (pulling up to the drop off zone) Okay doodles, we're here. Be good in school okay. David- listen to Mrs. Taylor and sit still on the carpet. Will- let me wipe the jam off your face. Nora- don't forget your backpack. Okay guys, I'll see you in a few hours.

Will: Okay Mom, have a good day!

Nora: I love you Mom!

David: Okay Mom, have a great time without us! (Running halfway to the line and then running back)...I love you so much Mom!!

Well okay then....forgiven.