And a noteworthy Easter story...
Nate and I played a piano duet in church on Easter. All was going well (okay so we had made our fair share of mistakes) until the air conditioner kicked on and blew the last page of our music off the piano stand. We had to completely stop, reshuffle things, (at which point I turned to the congregation and said "sorry") and then start again. It was pretty funny. We sat down and Tess said, "You guys really messed up."
Later when Nate and I were talking about it I said, "Man, it kind of bites that you can work so hard on something only to be thwarted by some unforeseen element like the air conditioner," to which he shrugged and replied, "Oh, I'm glad that happened. I think it's important for us to show each other that none of us is perfect and there's nothing wrong with that." (That Nate. Always so wise and Zen. I just really like him.)
So a big thanks to all our ward friends for laughing along with us. After all, that's what being a ward family is all about...supporting and sustaining each other even through our imperfections.


WICKED good!

That's a pretty cheesy title...but it's all I got.

Last week was a busy one for the Meeker family. Well, that's a bit of an understatement. Regular weeks are busy. This one was the Perfect Storm of weeks- massive projects and unexpected assignments colliding into one 5-day period.

After weeks of studying, Nate began Monday in San Fran taking his pediatric oncology board exam. On Friday, the elementary school had their big Arts Night fundraiser at which I was in charge of the silent auction- a project that took months to put together. And just to keep things interesting, I was summoned to serve on the jury of a rather intense 4-day trial.

(At this point I need to give a shout-out of heartfelt thanks to Mom and Dori for keeping my kiddos safe, fed and entertainment for hours on end during that 5 day period. You guys are awesome!)

Once all was said and done, Nate and I were in need of some serious R & R. After a couple days of non-stop cuddling with the kiddos and feeling nothing but gratitude at being back to my normal mommy duties, Nate called to say that he wanted to take me out. Super! I was thinking he had dinner at a nice restaurant in mind. But then he showed up with these:

Wicked is in SLC for about a month. Tickets have been sold out from the moment they went on sale. Nate should know...he stood in the freezing cold for hours the morning they went on sale only to get turned away. But then yesterday at about 3:00 Art Tix released 6 tickets that sold within minutes. Nate was able to grab 2 of them. Proof enough that the good Lord felt we needed a reward for our long week too! :)
CONFIRMED: My man knows the way to my heart.

Okay, so we may have been the last people in North America to see Wicked, but our turn finally came and it was well worth the wait. So-so-so amazing!! Goose bumps for 3 hours amazing! The theater is pure magic.
Next year, we're getting season tickets. (The Lion King is coming!)