This is one of my favorite things. You just write up 100 random facts about yourself. I first made up this list about a year ago and I've already had to change some things that aren't true anymore (and some that weren't necessarily appropriate to share with people other than family)...Anyway, here goes:

1. I met my husband at BYU when our 2 dance teams went on a 6-week tour to China (I was a Cougarette; he, a ballroom dancer.)
2. For me, it was love at first sight. I remember everything about that moment- where we were, what he was wearing, the way he was standing, etc. I've never been drawn to another person the way I was to him.
3. My favorite thing to eat for breakfast is brownies.
4. I love a 30-min jog in the morning (any more or less and I'm tired all day)
5. I used to hate to jog because I got side-aches, but then I learned to breathe.
6. I always got good grades in school, but I don't consider myself intelligent.
7. I took the ACT 3 times and still scored lower than my husband who showed up to take the test on only a couple hours of sleep.
8. I hate dressing up. I feel self-conscious.
9. My favorite sound: my kids laughing together
10. My least favorite sound: Nate's pager (Although nowadays it beeps a lot less. Oh how I love the "real" job!)
11. I make some free time for myself everyday. Normally I read...or BLOG!
12. My favorite books include: "Little Women" and "The Hiding Place"
13. My favorite character from a book: Hassan in "The Kite Runner"
14. I don't own an iPod and barely know how to use one.
15. I've only sent a text message on my cell phone maybe 3 times.
16. I love driving around and looking at houses. I could do it for hours everyday.
17. I still take a dance class once a week. And yes I still have it (the groove at least...the strength and flexibility are long gone!)
18. I pray for more patience everyday.
19. I have always wanted to be as calm as my mother.
20. I like all foods. I pretty much eat anything.
21. My favorite thing about myself: I'm low-maintenance
22. My least favorite thing about myself: I can't control my mood swings very well...it must be chemical or hormonal
23. My favorite thing about Tess: she's so friendly- she makes everyone feel comfortable
24. My favorite thing about David: he's so sensitive to how everyone is feeling
25. My favorite thing about Will: he doesn't miss a thing
26. My favorite thing about Nora: she's just like me
27. I listen to book tapes while I clean.
28. I have a cleaning lady that comes in every other week and sanitizes my home. It has changed my life!
29. I have had the diamond studs that Nate gave me in my ears for the last 6 years.
30. I believe that family time is more important than having my kids involved in a million lessons/activities.
31. I think it's just fine if kids aren't reading before Kindergarten.
32. My favorite kind of people: those that are always looking for ways to serve others
33. My least favorite kind of people: those that have an excuse for everything
34. Having children has been more fulfilling than I ever thought possible.
35. My least favorite thing about it: feeling like I have completely lost my independence
36. I would love to experience the sensation of cleavage.
37. But I can't imagine that I would ever get surgical enhancements.
38. I haven't updated my photo album since the year 2000.
39. I enjoy nothing more than cuddling with my kids...one at a time.
40. When they all climb on me at once, I feel very claustrophobic and almost panicked.
41. I don't like to cook dinner, but I do it so that my family can eat home-cooked meals more often than not.
42. We get take-outs on Wed & Sat and go to my mom's house for Sun dinner each week.
43. I love to take a long walk with my fam after Sunday dinner.
44. When my parents die, I want their Steinway piano.
45. I hope my parents DON'T die for MANY more years.
46. I am very excited to meet Nate's mom in the next life.
47. But I don't want to die for many more years either.
48. I don't really enjoy animals...I think the zoo is boring.
49. Although, we did have a dog named Sable when we lived in Illinois and she was fun.
50. But I never want to have a dog again...too messy and time-consuming
51. Growing up my only pet was a goldfish named Gloria
52. I love old-fashioned names.
52. I have the names for my next 3 girls picked out...although we are NOT having that many more kids!
53. Eliza, Jane & Meg
54. According to Nathan (who doesn't want any more kids anyway), our next boy will be named Luke. (I'm on board...it's a good name. Although I think I prefer Joshua.)
55. Nate has helped me realize that I like doing "outdoorsy" stuff a lot more than I thought I did growing up.
56. I have a recurring dream that my teeth are falling out.
57. I read somewhere that that means I'm vain.
58. I used to want to sing with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.
59. Now I want to do volunteer work with orphans around the world- promoting adoption and improving their way of life.
60. I love to watch my kids playing together in the backyard while I make dinner.
61. I regularly dance around the house with my kids.
62. Sometimes we dance in a strobe light.
63. I am an active member of the PTA.
64. I am much better at saying "no" than I used to be.
65. I haven't been on a diet since college. I have zero will power.
66. It took me over a year to lose my pregnancy weight. Again, no will power.
67. Quite often I literally end up with a headache from all the noise in my house.
68. My favorite vacation: NYC- going to one Broadway play after another
69. I love to sing Broadway songs at the top of my lungs while I'm driving.
70. This really irritates my kids. "Stop singing Mom!!"
71. I love PG-rated romantic comedies (Pride and Prejudice, Sleepless in Seattle, Sabrina, etc) because they're about romance and not sex.
72. I love romance movies and books but I am NOT a romantic person. That sappy stuff makes me uncomfortable in real life.
73. My favorite days are those when my kids and I stay home in our PJs. Especially when it's raining.
74. Autumn is my favorite season- I love the colors.
75. My least favorite thing about it- I have to put away my flip flops (although I normally fight this until the first snow)
76. My first job was teaching dance at the studio I danced at growing up.
77. My 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th jobs were also teaching/managing at various dance studios.
78. My only "real" job was as an administrative assistant for a software company.
79. I watch "Grey's Anatomy" like every other woman in America even though I think all the characters are sluts.
80. I have a slight crush on Wentworth Miller (the guy on Prison Break)
81. Wentworth Miller reminds me of my hubby....so it's okay.
82. My husband has a crush on Natalie Portman and tries to tell me that I look like her, but I obviously don't believe him.
83. I don't enjoy the process of fixing up houses (remodeling, painting), but I do love decorating them.
84. I LOVE that my husband is a handy man. He's saved us thousands over the years.
85. One of my pet peeves: when drawers and cupboards are left slightly open
86. I have all my energy in the morning.
87. In high school, I used to wake up at 4:00 or 5:00 a.m. to study.
88. Then without fail, I would fall asleep in my 5th period after lunch.
89. One of my most embarrassing moments is waking up in a pool of drool to my Chemistry class laughing at me.
90. I would love to do high school over again knowing what I know now.
91. I've completed one semester of nursing school. (My last final was on the day Tess was born.)
92. The longer I'm a mom, the more I realize that I DON'T know what I'm doing.
93. At night I get to fretting about my kids and all of the horrible things that could happen to them.
94. This came about when I had 3 kids at once and felt so out of control- like I couldn't protect all of them all of the time
95. My worrying often leads to insomnia.
96. So I take an Ambien about once a week to get a good night's sleep.
97. I miss "Rita's Water Ice" in Philly more than words can say.
98. I also greatly miss "Hot Wok" in Champaign, IL.
99. I think little hand prints on my windows are darling.
100. However, I don't think it's darling when my kids lick the windows or wipe their noses on them.

So if you are still reading....and that would be amazing...it's YOUR TURN!



Each July, Grandma Conna (Nate's step mom) hosts a long weekend for the entire family at her farm in Idaho. It's always a good time and this year was no exception: 4-wheeling, guns, long walks, water balloons, swimming, the parade, good eatings, lots of junk food between the good eatings, endless rounds of Phase 10 and oodles of cousin time. FUN, FUN, FUN. The kids are already asking when we can go back.
Four nights in the tent with the whole fam...really not bad. I think my kids sleep better in a tent than at home. But mostly I included this picture so you could check out Tess' bed head.
Intruders beware!

Okay so if you get a magnifying glass you can see that Nate has actually shot the clay pigeon and that I actually caught it on camera.Yep- even the kids got guns. Luckily no one shot their eye out.
Nora, Will and David in the bounce house.
David, Nate and Tess four wheeling- thanks for letting us ride again this year Steph and Bracken!
But wait- Will's ready for his turn.
Ah- there he is on the back with Nora, Uncle Scott and Daxton (I think) in the helmet.
Cute shot of Kathryn and Kelly
"I said no more pictures!"

This is David having a tantrum because he wants "black" ice cream (huh?) instead of the yummy vanilla ice cream that Uncle Scott made. I know- ridiculous- if anything he should be crying over that outfit he's wearing.
Handsome boys- even grumpy David is pretty cuteThe girls...notice how I maintain my smile while trying to maneuver a stubborn Nora toward the camera.

Cousins (some of them anyway) and Grandma Conna



I'm at my mom's house and she has this fun picture of me and my sisters from Eve's wedding. Eve got married on June 19th. She was a stunning (like supermodel stunning) bride. The reception was in my parent's backyard.

From L to R: Andrea, Eve, me, Chelsea (my bro's wife), Beth (Eve's best friend), Dori, Maddie, Dru

I'm so happy for you Eve. Welcome to the family Matt. Take good care of my baby sister!


I'm feeling a little guilty...yesterday while I was catching up with an old friend (so good to see you Kristin!), Nate- in addition to watching our 4 children- did this:

The end result:
Man- what an awesome husband! Just had to give him a shout-out. Love you babe!


So what's the point of having 3 kids the same age if you can't have fun goggle pictures!

Look at David's dumbo ears and Will's classic geek smile. Love it.

Yeah- Tess can finally swim! After years of group lessons that seemed to be going nowhere, we finally got some private help. And presto- she can now breast stroke and American crawl with the best of them. I can't tell you how happy this makes me!

Daddy's field trip to the water works at Gateway. Dori, Brian and Cole were there too, but didn't make it into any of our pictures. Sorry!

There...now I am all caught up on the summer pics.



I'm feeling bold. Obviously. I was sorting through my pictures today and ran across this beauty. Now over the years, many have asked what it was like to be pregnant with twins and have a newborn all at the same time. Well today (in what I can only imagine is a moment of pure insanity) I have decided to put an end to your wondering. Here it is:

This is me at ~36 weeks balancing a 6-month old David on my belly. (Will and Nora were born 11 days later.) In case you can't tell, I am miserable in this picture. I mean for heaven's sake I am carrying an extra 65 pounds. Notice the strained smile, the bloated feet, the discolored facial skin, my horrible roots (okay, so some say that the hair-dyeing chemicals may be damaging to the baby's health, but certainly in some instances severe action is warranted!), and last but not least, the ridiculous tent shirt. Yes, this is way beyond the "cute" maternity clothes phase. In looking back, I now realize why every stranger's gaze turned to follow after me as I walked by. I was quite the freak show.
I have done you all a favor and opted against sharing the bare belly shots. You're welcome.


"Here Mom, I picked a flower for you." Everywhere we go, David and Will hand me their gifts with shy smiles and then turn and run off excitedly. Now carrying around a handful of smashed dandelion heads can get a little tiresome, BUT it never fails to put a smile on my face. Am I worried about growing old and being lonely? Nah- I have my boys. And boys love their moms. I'm pretty convinced they'll always take good care of me.



Please tell me that you all have similar conversations with your children on a regular basis...
Erin: Tess it's time to do your chores.

Tess: Noooooo Mom I don't want to.

Erin: Yes Tess, right now. You're supposed to do them right after breakfast. Don't make me ask every day. Just do them.

Tess: But Mom if I do all the work what are YOU going to do?

Erin: I assure you that your doing 3 small chores still leaves me with plenty to do.

Tess: Like what!?!

Erin: Tess, moms do chores all day long. We wash the clothes. We cook the meals. We pick up everyone's messes... Be grateful you just have 3 chores in the morning.

Tess: But mom it's NOT FAIR! The babies don't have to do chores.

Erin: That's not true. They help pick up their toys every day. Plus they're 3, you're 7, and you get paid to help out, so hop to it.

Tess: But mom it's so BORING!

Erin: Tess- everyone has to do their part. That's what makes a family work. Now stop sassing and start unloading the dishwasher or I will have to take away part of your allowance.

Tess: Okay, but just so you know my toe really hurts and I feel like I'm going to throw up (somehow her "toe" - what??- and her nausea always flare up when there is an unpleasant task to be done).

Erin: Thanks Tess- we appreciate your sacrifice for team Meeker.

David: Here Mom- take it.

Erin: What is it?

David: A booger.

Erin: Um, gross. I don't want your booger. Go put it in a kleenex and throw it in the garbage.

David: No Mom, you take it.

Erin: No Dave- take it to the garbage.

David: No Mom, you take it.

Erin: Okay Davey, I'm going to get a kleenex. Don't move, I'll be right back...(coming back)... David, WHERE'S THE BOOGER??

David: It's on the couch.



The smooth vocal stylings of Diva Nora. You may notice the camera is a bit bouncy. It's hard to hold it steady when you are laughing hysterically (but silently)...


Happy Birthday America! Our day started with a neighborhood bike parade for me and the kids, a round of golf for Nate. In the evening we split up again- Nate taking the "triplets" to Grandma's for a BBQ and Sugarhouse Park for fireworks while Tess and I headed down to Provo for the Stadium of Fire where Tess was able to see her idol Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana in person. Very cool. Thanks Mom for hooking us up with tickets!

And the boys were off! I think they thought it was a race, not a parade.
Thank goodness Grandma was there to help keep track of kids.


For Monday night family fun we went to a Bees baseball game (Salt Lake's minor league team). We all had a great time, but Will was especially wide-eyed and excited. He truly thinks he's on the Bees team. Especially after he caught a foul ball. (Okay, so Nate caught it and gave it to him.)

Dru & Tyler kickin itLookin hotMid throw


So this is the third time I've painted our living room. It has been a different color for each year that we've lived in the house. Nate just rolls his eyes. He thinks I'm a bit OCD. But you know- I've never gotten it "right." As for this color...so far I'm liking it (a blue-gray in case you can't tell). But we'll see how I feel in a year.
And of course no Meeker picture is complete without a crying child in the corner. Awesome.


Holy crap- I can't believe it's been 3 years. Part of me is so sad that they aren't babies anymore. And the other part of me is LOVING this new "grown-up" family that we have. No more bottles, no more diapers, no more trying to guess what they want. It's been so crazy in our home for the past few years that it feels really nice to be on autopilot again. If you ask Nate, we are never going back. But my vote counts for more... and I'm still undecided.

Trampoline pinata