16 and How I Ruined My Knee Just Standing There

Today my love and I have been married for 16 years.
That seems ridiculous to me.
I feel old just saying it.
Not as old as yesterday when David asked me if there was electricity when I was born.
But still.

We've had our share of ups and downs over the years.
The highest highs and lowest lows.
I thank the Lord everyday that I've had Nathan by my side through those experiences.
He makes me laugh.
And he's my rock.
The man is tough- there's no doubt about it.
I think I'll keep him around.

Every so often Nate looks at me and says, "I never expected to marry a pretty girl."
I l-o-v-e it when he says this.
Because I think he's trying to say that he thinks I'm one of those pretty girls.
And who doesn't like to hear that?
Plus, it means that I exceeded his expectations.
And that's an awesome feeling.

According to Nate, he was a "total geek" growing up.
This is absurd to me.
Apparently, he grew up in a town of completely stupid women.
That or the fact that he wrestled in the 98 lb weight division in jr high.
When he was close to 5'10" mind you.
I've always tried to imagine what that must have looked like.
But now I have a daughter to show me:

This picture of Nora cracks me up.
She did not get that lean, mean body from me.
No siree. 
That's gotta be from her 5'10", 98-pound father.
Bless his heart.

Anywho- it doesn't matter because he blossomed into the total hotness that he is now, and I found him first.
So take that stupid women of England and Delaware.
(That's where Nate did his high school years for those that I may have lost. Stay with me people.)

To celebrate our anniversary I went to the doctor to get a knee injury checked out.
It's been 3 weeks.
I hadn't gone before now because, well, it seems silly to pay another doctor when you're married to one.
And I'm not in much pain.
But Nate had ruled out my need for chemotherapy and it still wasn't getting any better, so I thought I better see a real expert in the area.
The doc examined me for a total of 2 minutes and then said,
"Have you heard of the Anterior Cruciate Ligament?"
Heaven help me, please no.
But yep, worst fears confirmed.
Apparently I have torn my right ACL.

(Before you start judging Nate's skills as a doctor, let me add that the Family Practice doc across the street also examined my leg and didn't catch it. I'm super good at tensing up when someone tries to examine me. They end up saying, "Now try to relax your muscles" about 10 times before giving up.)

How did I tear my ACL?
Well, that's a rather absurd story.
Let me see if I can adequately paint the picture of awkwardness for you...

We were skiing with the kids.
I stood at the top of the hill.
One of the kiddos (who shall remain nameless) lost control and took off down the hill with my leg in tow, pulling it at a not-so-natural angle.
Kiddo was screaming in fear, I was screaming in pain, we were a big tangle of skis.
After 20 seconds of slow excruciating stretch I felt something in my knee give.
If you are thinking Ouch! then you are correct.
I was f-i-n-a-l-l-y able to release my bindings and then I was no longer in pain.
Mostly, I was just glad that the hill was dark and deserted.
That had to have been the most ridiculous looking fiasco in the history of skiing.
Bless my awkward heart.

(And yes- I had to be tobogganed off the mountain.)

Happy Anniversary to my love.
Sorry I'm not much fun lately.
But hey, if we need a pick-me-up, we can always ask Nora to flex her muscles.
That's sure to make us smile.


Beema said...

Love this Meeker Family! Sorry you're in pain Miss Erin! We love you so much! and I am SO thrilled when I see a blog update from you! Happy Anniversary to both you and Nathan! Love you tons!

R AND R AND Z said...

I enjoy read your stories so much. they brighten my day. You should write my blog LOL Hope you are all doing fine expect the knee Happy annivarsay

Tyler and Dru said...

Oh man ern. i just can't believe it. torn ACL! that's insane and i'm really so sorry. but on the bright side, you have the coolest husband and kids in the world. our family would not be the same without nate. he's been the most wonderful older brother a girl could ask for. i'm sure glad you found each other! and nora. sweet, rail thin nora. what a gem that little girl is!! love you all. keep us updated on the knee. i'm praying for a miracle.

Andrea said...

Ok, first of all, you guys are adorable. Happy anniversary! Second, Nora's skinny bones are HILARIOUS. And finally, that knee!!?? Is it fixable without surgery? That stinks.

matt and eve lloyd said...

Stupid knees. I hate them. I'm sorry you're in pain. I was dying when Pat told me. The only good that comes of this is that if you have to get surgery it's a perfect excuse for me to come visit. :) Also, 16 years!?! I've been in awe all day. I must have lost track, because it seems like just barely you were celebrating your ten year anniversary. Anyways, happy anniversary you two! Couldn't think of a more perfect couple.

Kristy said...

Well I am glad the women of Delaware and England didn't see Nate's potential. You are definitely the best catch he could have. I'm so glad to have you as a sister for the last 16 years.
I'm amazed I've never seen Nora so awesome! ;)
And you should tell your story the way Nate does. He gives you a lot more credit. He said it was a really, really steep hill and you were skiing down with said kiddo between your legs to help them make it to the bottom safely. and when you feel, you kept said kiddo safe while letting yourself fall. So you are the hero that got hurt. Hope the next year goes perfect for that ACL.