And We're Back

We had such a wonderful summer.
Great trips, great friends, great fun. 
It was just delightful.
Until the last couple weeks...
when it quickly dissolved into a state of utter unbearableness.
I think my kids have been trying to set some sort of record for non-stop arguing.
(Is it that way for everyone by the end of the summer? Please tell me it's that way for everyone.)
There were days I was quite certain that World War III would begin in the Meeker home.
Specifically between Wess and Till (names have been changed to protect the not-so-innocent).

we made it.
And just look how cute the kiddos are on their first day of 6th/2nd grade x 3...

Perhaps they're just happy that they are off to 4 separate classrooms...far, FAR away from each other.

Tess spent all morning curling her hair to perfection and finding just the right accessories.
She's so beautiful.
And growing up way too fast that one.
She's started asking me if her clothes make her look fat.
I can't believe we're to this stage already.
It's downright terrifying.

I think we've all been experiencing some anxiety as this school year begins.
The girls have had trouble sleeping.
They're up worrying about problems that they had with friends at recess 5 months ago.
Will is worried about feeling shy.
David was up with an upset stomach last night.
Even I woke well before my alarm this morning.
I guess first-day-of-school jitters happen to Moms too.

The kids get home in a few minutes. 
I can't wait to hear how it went.
I'm going to feed them ice cream and take them to the pool for a relaxing afternoon.
Because strangely enough the house has been a little too quiet this morning.
I hate to say it but I think I just might be missing all the shouting.

Posted with Tess' permission.


Shelly said...

I think school could begin a few weeks earlier. And I wouldn't mind having a few weeks off in Oct, when the weather is nice. I was soooo ready. Now another 21 days until preschool starts.... but who's counting?

Kearl said...

I feel your pain with WWIII. Our house was the same - great summer until about two weeks before school started. I had to start banishing them to separate parts of the house. Cute pictures. What are you going to do with all of your spare time? I am so excited for the thought of someday having spare time.

Tyler and Dru said...

haha - Wess and Till. Laughed out loud reading that. You're too clever Ern. What Tess has a zit?! and is already worried about looking fat. oh mercy, where has the time gone! I'm happy you have some quiet days ahead to miss your children :) I think every mom needs that after a summer with 4 kids! loved this post. you are the bomb blogger!

maddie said...

without a doubt the best blog writer! i have honestly never read a more entertaining blog. i love your kids with my whole heart and soul and hope mine are as cool. tess the teenager - love it! gosh, that is not a fun time, first zits, boo. love these kiddies. see you TOMORROW!!!

matt and eve lloyd said...

I can't believe how big Tess is getting. I still think of her as the curly haired one year old eating any sauce she could get her hands on. And I agree with everyone, the last two posts have had me rolling with laughter. And I'm always so excited for Matt to get home to show him so he can roll in laughter with me. We love your kiddos! And you and Nate are alright too!