From the Mouths of Babes

I love listening to my kids pray
I feel like I get a real glimpse into their souls. 
They are such genuinely kind-hearted people.
Like how they prayed for baby Jack for months after he was born.
They have never met baby Jack.
(Jack's family lives in AZ.)
He is their cousin that was born with Down Syndrome.
We talked about it as a family and from that day on they prayed in earnest that "Jack would be happy." And that "the other kids wouldn't tease him because he's different, but instead understand that he's special."
These are not words I gave my children.
They are genuine expressions of love from pure hearts.
My children understand so much more than I give them credit for sometimes.
I'm often moved to tears when I listen to them pray in their rooms at night.


But anywho, that's not what this post is about.
This post is about the funny things that the kids say when they pray.
My children pray that "we will have a good day tomorrow" no matter what time of day it is.
It can be 7:00 in the morning and they are praying for the next day.
But I guess today was covered in yesterday's prayer... so we're good.

And David's prayers.
It takes some serious will power to not bust up in the middle of them.
You never quite know what is going to come out of his mouth.
A few gems as of late:

  • Father, please bless that Mom will know that my shoes are getting too tight, but that I'm not complaining about it.
  • Father, please bless that Mom will forget that we have to do chores tomorrow.
  • Father, please bless that Mom and Dad will buy me a new skateboard...and that they'll let me take Freddie (the gecko) for a ride on it...just down the driveway...I promise he won't get hurt...because his hands are sticky. 
I think we are all secretly delighted when it's David's turn to pray.
I bet the Lord is too.
I'm pretty convinced He has a great sense of humor.

David's Baptism 12.29.12


Beema said...

How I LOVE to read your blog. How I love your kiddos! How I love you and Nate!


The Stars at Night...Deep in the Heart of Texas said...


I was going thru my lovely google reader when I saw a Meeker Family post and got excited to see what you guys were up to. Let alone this freaking darling story about your kids!I even cried a little! I love your family and am so happy to have your love and support for our Jackie. You're doing some good stuff over there!
Want to hear some fun news?? I'm planning a trip in July to go see my mom in WA and I'll be coming thru Boise and I thought---humm, maybe we'll stop and do a little visit in Boise along the way!