I think deep down she got the message.

Tess loves to write notes during church.
Do you think she's bored?
Never! Not my kids.
Shame on you for even thinking that.

Here's a recent exchange that took place during the sacrament...the most sacred part of our Sunday worship.

TESS: It's so quiet, I mean I know it's supposed to be quiet but...Ok who died?! 
ERIN: Jesus died. He died for you & me & everyone in this room. Perhaps that's why it's quiet. They are thinking about HIM.
TESS: No, but yes, but it's too too too quiet like we lost a war or somebody left to go somewhere.
NATE: See above. Maybe you should be thinking about HIM. :)
TESS: Dad, you need to work on your handwriting.

Ahh, those wonderful moments when you can sit with your family and all feel the spirit together.

Here are pictures of the Boise Temple Open House...
another event in which we were super-ultra reverent.

While putting these pictures together the kids and I had some fun:

 Tess' favorite

Will's favorite...we're guessing here. Will is on a snowboarding date with his dad.

 David's favorite

 Nora's favorite...oooh pretty rainbow!

The heavenly glow surrounding the temple.
Or as Tess says, "The light from the temple looks like it's killing Will."


Beema said...

LOVE the note writing! Too cute! and the pictures are fabulous! I love your family!

Shelly said...

I love reading your blog! It makes me smile and laugh and feel normal.